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Mentorship with PaYS Soldiers / PaYS Information Exchange (PIX)

The number of planned positions for the Army's Soldiers is the short-term measurement of success for the PaYS Program. The ultimate goal, however, is to have Army PaYS Veterans in the community, gainfully employed with their PaYS partner, spreading their personal "Army Story" throughout the community. The PaYS Information Exchange (PIX) application provides tools that help partnering organizations track their Soldiers, ensuring the interview and ultimate employment of the Army PaYS Soldier in his/her community.

PIX is a custom application that provides partners the means to effectively track their Soldiers, post messages for them to view, and create additional job projections for other future Soldiers. Custom reports allow partners to monitor their Soldiers' progress throughout their term of enlistment, listing their current status, availability date, and personal contact information. It is strongly encouraged that the points of contact for the positions maintain at a minimum, periodic contact with their Soldiers to discuss expectations, detailed requirements, things to help them better prepare for the interview, and to simply create and foster a professional relationship.

Soldiers also have information available behind the PIX login. At any time, the Soldier may update their personal address, email, and phone number, so that they can ensure the partner has the best way to reach them. Additionally, they can review their detailed job information, and read any bulletin messages posted by their partner. Like in the case of partners, it is strongly encouraged that Soldiers make contact with those points of contact to perpetuate that relationship, and help them better prepare for their interview with that partner.

PIX is accessible through the "PIX Login" link. Contact the PaYS Helpdesk at 502-613-1222 or email