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Transition Counselors Instructions

PaYS Soldier Lookup provides transition counselors access to our database to connect Soldiers with their chosen PaYS Partner contact information. Soldiers enlist in the PaYS program and are guaranteed a job interview upon completing their service requirements. Additional information on preparing for a job interview is located under the Soldier/Cadet field on our website.

Soldier Lookup instructions:
  1. 1. Acquire a Password and ID to access the Soldier Lookup database from the PaYS Helpdesk, - (502)613-1222
  1. 2. Login to and select the Soldier Lookup Login field.
  1. 3. Enter Soldier's last name or last four of SSN, select name from search results.
  1. 4. Under Soldier/Partner Action Log, check "Soldier Notified" to verify transaction. The Soldier's detailed information can be viewed, printed or emailed.