The U.S. Army Partnership for Your Success (PaYS) Program is a strategic partnership between the U.S. Army and a cross section of private industry, academia, and business, federal, state and local agencies. The U.S. Army PaYS Program provides America's Soldiers with an opportunity to serve their country while they prepare for their future. PaYS Soldiers are guaranteed a job interview and possible employment after the Army with their chosen five PaYS partners. This unique Program is part of the Army's effort to partner with America's business community and connect America with its Army.

Review your Statement of Understanding (SOU) provided at enlistment. The SOU contains details and contact information about your selected position. If you no longer have a copy of the SOU or have other questions, contact the PaYS helpdesk at For more information on the PaYS program Visit

Most positions simply requires completion of training and MOS and an honorable discharge. It is the responsibility of the Soldiers and ROTC Cadets to contact their PaYS partner to determine if additional certifications or training are required. Be sure to visit for information pertaining to certification and licensure.

It is your responsibility to initiate contact with your PaYS partner and maintain that relationship throughout your training/enlistment. The PaYS partner's contact information will be included in the SOU. It is advisable to research your PaYS partners' website prior to initiating contact. Learn about their organization and the interviews currently available. During the initial communication, let them know that you are a PaYS Soldier and have selected the organization upon enlisting; express interest in their organization detailing how your skills and experience will be an asset. Inquire about the employment process and the steps required to get an interview. Visit the U.S. Army Transition Assistance Program (TAP), or another resume preparation website to ensure your resume is impressive.

If the specific interview or location you originally selected is no longer available, you may qualify to be interviewed for another position or different location.

There are numerous types of interviews/positions posted in the PaYS database. The PaYS Marketing Analyst (PMA) cross-referenced the interview/position descriptions with the Army military occupational specialties (MOS) descriptions. When you select an Army MOS your recruiter or guidance counselor will review any or all partners and interviews/positions associated with that MOS.

Each organization/employer has its own hiring/salary process. The PaYS program only guarantees five job interviews, not a job.

All employers have an employment process for all applicants to follow. With today's technology most are on-line application programs. PaYS partners have their specific on-line application processes to identify and track their PaYS applicants.

The PaYS Information Exchange (PIX) contains the information of all PaYS Soldiers. To update your information you must log into PIX, contact the PaYS helpdesk if you need assistance - Updates can be made on the Detailed PaYS Soldier Report in the PIX database.

Soldiers and Cadets can select up to five PaYS partners.

Call your local Army Recruiter for information about the PaYS Program.

Enlisted Soldiers must successfully complete their Army obligation and receive an honorable discharge. Regular Army Soldiers should contact their PaYS partners 12 months prior to their Expiration Term of Service (ETS) date using the contact information located on the Statement of Understanding (SOU). Army Reserve Soldiers should contact their PaYS partner after successfully completing Initial Entry Training (IET). ROTC Cadets should contact their PaYS partner during their senior year, after their branch has been determined.

If you receive an Honorable Discharge and you qualify for an existing interview/position vacancy, you are eligible to obtain employment from your PaYS partner.

No, you will no longer be eligible for the PaYS Program and the interview/position interview is no longer valid.

The TAP center will remind you of your PaYS agreement and provide your PaYS partner contact information,

No, it is not required however, as a courtesy you should inform your PaYS partner Please contact the PaYS helpdesk at to update our Soldier information database or update it in our PIX database from the website.

The PaYS SOU is not legally binding. PaYS Soldiers can re-enlist in the Army, enroll in college after their Expiration Term of Service (ETS) date, and/or get a job with another employer after separation.

The Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP),, can assist your spouse with employment opportunities.

Yes. The PaYS program is available to Regular Army, Army National Guard, Army Reserve and Non Prior Service and Prior Service applicants. PaYS is also available to ROTC Cadets. The enlisted Future Soldier selects the PaYS option during the enlistment process. ROTC Cadets select their PaYS partners while enrolled in college during their senior year. You cannot select PaYS if you have graduated from college and received your commission.

Enlisted Soldiers must successfully complete their Army obligation and receive an honorable discharge to remain eligible. Recommend you visit your PaYS partner's careers page for the qualification requirements of the interviews/positions they are currently hiring. For incompatible MOSs, contact the PaYS helpdesk and request the PaYS Now program at

The Statement of Understanding (SOU) originally signed is with specific Partners, interviews, and locations. An exception to policy will be made on a case by case basis.

No. The PaYS Program design is to assist Soldiers who separate from the Army after their first term of enlistment.

Regular Army Soldiers can receive resume assistance when transitioning from the Army using the U.S. Army Transition Assistance Program (TAP)

Contact the helpdesk at for your Regional PaYS Marketing Analyst's contact information. The Regional PaYS Marketing Analyst will assist you to get in contact with your PaYS partner.

Contact the PaYS helpdesk at and/or your Regional PaYS Marketing Analyst for assistance.

Yes. The PaYS Program is available to National Guard Reserve Officer Training Corps Cadets and enlisted National Guard Soldiers.

Current year graduates/commissioned officers who graduate/commission within the CURRENT year, will have until the end of the current year to sign up for ROTC PaYS. After December 31st of the current year, the ROTC PaYS program is no longer available.

Prior year commissioned officers (2LTs) are no longer eligible for the PaYS program if he/she graduated/commissioned PRIOR to the current year.

Future Soldiers will receive their PaYS partner information from the guidance counselor at the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) prior to shipping out to basic training. Once the enlistment package is complete, each Future Soldier signed up with the PaYS program should receive their Statement of Understanding (SOU) which lists the PaYS partner and their contact information. Future Soldiers can also contact the PaYS helpdesk at: to get their PaYS partner contact information.

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